Owner's Representation

Owner's Representation

Safeguarding Your Investment

At Axis Builing Envelope we act as owner's advocates ensuring projects are completed to budget and schedule. We undestand that minimizing risk is essential to meet the objectives of the investment.

Our team of experienced architects, engineers and general contractors work in tandem with asset managers focusing on potential issues, progress and quality. 

As an owner’s representative, our goal is to ensure all teams involved collaborate serving owner’s overall interest. 

We oversee designers, contractors and suppliers work together to achieve quality, minimize cost and reach objectives while facilitating timely resolution of problems and conflicts common in the design and construction process.

Through efficient management and thorough oversight, we help clients reduce costs without sacrificing quality. We track overall project budget, review invoices from subcontractors, and make sure that contracts and deliverables are met.

The scope and duties of Owner Representation is tailored to fit each individual project and your needs.

Owner’s Representation Services

  • Architect and Builder selection
  • Coordination between Architect, Builder, Consultants and Owner
  • Project Pre-Mortem (Kick-off Meetings)
  • Value engineering during design
  • Constructability reviews
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Design and construction schedules
  • Work scope development
  • Bid and bidder evaluation
  • Pre-construction coordination between trades
  • Accurate payment documentation
  • Budget management
  • Change order review and management
  • Payment review and approval
  • Punch list development and resolution
  • Contract closeout